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The Symbolism of the Butterfly: A Work in Progress

The beginning of a butterfly does not represent the beautiful creature you see above. Under much different circumstances, the ugly side of this creature was all the world knew. It was a slimy caterpillar crawling along to get where it wanted to go.

Limited by mobility, size, shape and form, it did not see itself as a work in progress or having a different outcome in its predestined life. But God knew from the beginning what he had purposed this creepy crawler to become; it would be a work in progress.

Just like this process with the metamorphosis of the butterfly, we must put on the new man in Christ. If we do not let the caterpillar develop from the cocoon and struggle to get free, then a broken winged “thing” will be produced and lose its true destiny. Struggling (sifting of wheat) must take place.

When the caterpillar emerges from the cocoon, new life, new hope, new beginnings occur. Our lives are so patterned. Our struggles can make us strong in Christ and therefore, we can rest assured that all things are working together for our good. Remember the struggle you are going through is one way God uses hardships to make us into precious stones fit for the Master’s use. Go through your trials with courage and the confidence and assurance that you will come forth as pure gold.

Remember the butterfly and remember there are:
  • No ceilings to limit how high the butterfly can climb, fly or where he can land
  • No boundaries to block the flight or freedom to soar
  • No limitations in attitude or altitude No limitations in mobility --crawling around looking down but high flights to glory
  • No more victim but victor in Christ Jesus
  • Take courage my friends and remember that you are going through hardships, trials, and storms “but your latter will be greater” and you are going to a higher level in Christ.
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07/03/2007 How do we heal our tongue -
Featuring. Rev. Mamie Harris - New Generations
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